Why Are There Bursaries And Scholarships?



1. What is the difference between a Bursary and a Scholarship?

1. What is the difference between a Bursary and a Scholarship?

  • A scholarship is a financial award granted to a student on the basis of the student’s academic or sporting excellence. A Bursary is a financial award granted to a student on the basis of the student’s financial neediness.

For the Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship Fund, the student has to produce proof that his/ her parent(s) or guardian(s) are not in a position to afford paying for tertiary education (earn under R15 000 household income per month).

 2. How many people will benefit from the scholarship?

  • A total of about 150 students will benefit from the scholarship starting in 2018. About 300 students from previous intakes are still on the scholarship.

3. How do I submit my application?

  • You can submit your application online via the NYDA website or send a printed completed form to the address given in 'applications'. NO faxing or direct submissions to universities or NYDA offices.             

 4. Can I submit my application form at an NYDA branch as it is closest to where I stay?

  • No. You can either apply online or send your manual form to the address provided.

5. Can I use my mid-year Grade 12 or Grade 11 results to apply for scholarship fund?

  • Yes, but you will also have to attach or send your matric certificate once you receive it.

6. Will the funding from the scholarship also assist me with my registration fee that is required at the beginning of the academic year?

  • No.

7. Why is the academic achievement set at 70% average?

  • A scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence. Most funders will require an average of 80% or more however the NYDA is a youth development agency, it is targeting youth who have potential who are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

8. Does the scholarship roll over (automatically renews itself) for the duration of my studies?

  • The scholarship is awarded for the duration of your studies. However NYDA will only renew the scholarship if the student has passed all of his/ her major subjects.

 9. What are the conditions for me to retain my scholarship once it has been awarded to me?

  • To observe and comply with all relevant and applicable regulations of the tertiary Institution,
  • To pass all of your major subjects,
  • Not to alter any of the subjects taken in the applicable diploma/degree or change to another diploma/degree,
  • In the event that the student is offered any other form of financial assistance (a scholarship, bursary, grant, loan, or merit  award for exceptional academic achievement, excluding pocket money, during the year of study for which the scholarship was awarded), the student must notify the NYDA accordingly,
  • Sign a contract with NYDA, stipulating the terms and conditions.

 10. If NYDA has funded my first year in 2015 and I have passed all my subjects, what happens to the subsequent years?
The scholarship is awarded for the duration of study. If you pass all your subjects each year the scholarship will be renewed.
11. Will the scholarship fund also give me a monthly allowance/stipend for the duration of my funding period?

  • No. The Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship Fund covers books, food, tuition fee and accommodation but offers no stipends.

12. If I decide to change my degree in the middle of the year will I lose the scholarship?

  • Yes. You are not allowed to alter or change the degree/ diploma once the scholarship has been awarded. 

 13. I am in my second/third year of studies with the NYDA bursary, can I still apply for the scholarship for next year?

  • No. The scholarship is awarded to students who started their first year of study

14. I am already studying at university doing a course which is not on the list of courses funded by NYDA.  If I change to those that are being funded by the NYDA and start my first year in that course next year, will my application be considered?

  • Yes.

15. I am currently studying at a private institution doing a UNISA degree, will my application be considered
     No. The scholarship will approve students who intend to study at public South African universities and universities of technology
16. If I am funded through the scholarship for my studies and then I fail one subject, what happens then?

It will depend on whether the failed subject is a major subject or a minor subject.

The following conditions will apply to failing of subjects:

  • If you fail one minor subject and the university allows you to progress to the next year or next semester but requires you to repeat the failed subject. The scholarship will continue however it will not pay for that repeated subject.
  • If you fail one major subject and the university does not allow you to progress to the next year or next semester the scholarship will be terminated

 17. If I fail my studies for whatever reason, will I then be required to pay back NYDA or will they repossess my parent’s house?

  •         No.

18. My sibling and I are currently in matric, we both intend to pursue further education in the coming year. Is there a limit on how many people can be funded from the same family?

  •          No.

19. Applications to TVET Colleges were previously accepted, what about this year?

  •      TVET College studies are no longer considered for the Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship Fund: only South African public Universities and Universities of Technology.